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check if phone is unlocked We appreciate you . Cellular Data Options should be present on an . Select your preferred 100% secure payment method. Way 4: Use a Third-Party Website to Check iPhone Unlock Status. Check if Phone is Unlocked with Phone's Settings. If there is a Carrier Services option, then the phone is unlocked. If your iPhone works fine in your own area but you are not sure whether it will work in another country, knowing if it is carrier locked or unlocked is important. Type your device IMEI number and get full iPhone details. "Tmobile will send you an email to let you know if the request was approved or not usually within 24-48 hours. You can unlock your phone through a local independent phone shop. Then from the subsection select Cellular. Note: IMEI2 necessary for models after X iPhone. How to check if Phone is Unlocked without SIM. In most cases, fully unlocked phones used previously with AT&T or T-Mobile are a good fit with our SIM cards. Taking the guidance help of the independent service can be an active analogy for the SIM issues. You will need to obtain the unlock code from the carrier it is locked to. When it is finished, you should see the works "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked. Tap Unlock Device on the app’s sign-in screen. In 15 days I have called support 4 times to check the status of the unlock. From the pop-up window, you could find the IMEI and EID of your iPhone. Method 03: Restore your iPhone with iTunes to see if your phone is unlocked. iPhone Sold To Initial Carrier and lock status check Service allows you to check Sold To, Initial Carrier and lock status (locked or unlocked, simlock status) for all iPhone. Tap Cellular > Cellular Data Options . Way 1: Use Another SIM Card to Check if an iPhone is Unlocked. These . The phone must not be reported lost, stolen, or involved with fraudulent activity. Simply dial *#06# on your phone and the IMEI will be displayed on the . If you're able to see other networks then it's likely your phone is unlocked (but this isn't always 100% reliable) Unlocked phones, on the other hand, are your best bet if you need a more flexible network structure. Although they are usually more expensive, unlocked phones let you make use of any service provider’s SIM card. You can check this by putting another network’s SIM card in your iPhone. Android: Go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Operators. This service also get info about Apple I Simply connect your phone to your computer and perform a restore from iTunes. It can be the . If your phone is unlocked by Apple following a request through AT&T, the status will continue to show as Locked to AT&T until you connect the phone to iTunes and do an update after which the status will show as unlocked. You can check your IMEI for free here where we will give you a full report on your phone such as the make, model and network. Then select Mobile Data (or Cellular). At this moment, have a look at Mobile Data Network . Here is how to check if iPhone is unlocked using the IMEI checker websites. Unlocked phones, on the other hand, are your best bet if you need a more flexible network structure. If you tried to unlock your phone in My Account, but received an error, follow these steps to unlock your phone using the myCricket app: Open your myCricket app. This website uses a software to that takes your IMEI details and confirms if your iPhone is unlocked. IMEI: 353160101xxxxxx Model: Apple iPhone XS (A2097) Manufacturer: Apple Inc Blacklist Status: BLACKLISTED Blacklisted by: O2 (UK) Limited Blacklisted on: 2019-11-14 07:25:40 Turn on your iPhone just like the step 1. Turn on the device. If you are using iOS 7 or higher, just simply connect your iPhone to a Wifi network, it will then be unlocked automatically If you have no data connection, simply load iTunes on your PC or Mac to complete the unlock (Watch the video below) Ask if the phone is SIM-unlocked. Unlocking your phone allows you to use it on any other network in the world. Submit a request to unlock your iPhone. While locked phones aren't the end of the world, we recommend unlocked phones if you have a choice. IMEI24. Dial *#06# on your phone and your 15-digit IMEI number will appear on the screen. " If you see either one of these options, your phone is most likely unlocked. Check SIMLOCK blockade using iPhone’s Settings. The easiest way to do so is by calling your carrier and asking whether or not your iPhone is unlocked, but there are a couple of other ways you can approximate your iPhone's lock status. Check Your Settings. You can also call the carrier you purchased it from to check the status and request an unlock. 08 Blacklist PRO Check. The same thing goes for purchasing used devices, unless you plan to use the same carrier as the seller, make sure the phone is unlocked. Unfortunately, there is no method to judge the status of the iPhone just by a glimpse of the device. One of the most important things you need to be 100% sure before buying a refurbished iPhone or trying to unlock it is to check the iPhone’s Contract Status with an IMEI Contract Checker. Your account might need to meet requirements for unlocking. Way 1: Check if iPhone is Unlocked with IMEI If mobile phones had a license plate, that license plate would be your IMEI. An unlocked iPhone will allow you to use any carrier you wish. The phone must be an Xfinity Mobile device. Switch off the iPhone, and use the SIM-card ejector tool to eject the SIM card. Based on what you've shared, your phone has been active for quite a while now. After your carrier confirms that they unlocked your iPhone, follow the steps below. How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked without Sim Card via SIM Cards. Now if your phone takes you to another screen upon clicking the Cellular data options which say “Enable LTE” etc. Every time I called they wanted me to verify my email. You will find the SIM slot by the iPhone casing, and you can open the SIM slot by pushing the SIM . If your device is on a Device Payment Plan, it is ineligible for unlocking. Now you know how to check if your phone is unlocked and what this means for you. 8 / 5 Network Check by IMEI - Official SIM Unlock from officialsimunlock. Part 3: Check if your iPhone is unlocked using online services You can use the Dr. Finally after 15 days they told me yes, it . All manufacturers and phone models are supported. Ignoring to determine the iPhone’s contract status may lead you in buying an iPhone that can become blacklisted at any time or ruin any iPhone SIM Unlock . " Actually that is not true. Step 5. The simplest way to definitively tell whether your phone is locked is to call your current carrier and ask. It is for this reason that phones, including the iPhone, have a lock system. If you don't know where your iPhone was sold, which network is working, if iPhone is locked or unlocked just check it by IMEI. How To Check If iPhone Is Unlocked Without Sim Card. See if a second-hand iPhone is iCloud locked before you buy it. Check Via SIM Card: Having an unlocked iPhone is essential for travelling. , it means that your iPhone is . i popped the battery to make sure my unlocking/flashing didnt bork the IMEI . John-T. On an Android device: Go to Settings, click on System and then About phone, then click on Status and look for an MEID, ESN, or IMEI number. The steps are the following: Go to Settings -> Cellular. If you have an option for "Cellular Data Options" then your phone is already unlocked. Check iPhone imei apple for warranty, network, sim lock, carrier, model, unlock price, find my iphone, iCloud status, serial number, purchase country, purchase Date, iOS, sold to, sold by all info free or now we added checker for any Apple Device check with serial number MacBook or iPad or iMac or iPod or AirPods or iWatch AT&T BYOD is a program that lets you bring your own compatible, unlocked phone to the AT&T network, including iPhones. Site offers warranty check for your device. To successfully switch carriers without having to purchase a new phone, your phone must be unlocked. Thank you for asking, Keith. Fone - sim unlocks feature to check your iPhone status. Method 04: Use an online service to check if the iPhone is unlocked properly. Step1: You need to get your iPhone’s IMEI. After that, your phone will automatically be unlocked by Verizon. All you need is a compatible device, an AT&T SIM card, and an AT&T PREPAID℠ plan. Go to Settings app, click General -> About -> scroll down to find the IMEI and write it down. 15 September 2019. Check your IMEI number and get access to warranty date, car Thank you for asking, Keith. You don’t need an annual contract, and there’s no activation fee when ordering online. Once entered, hit the Check button. How to check if your phone is unlocked The easiest way to check is simply to put a SIM card from another network into your phone. Here are the steps to check if your iPhone is unlocked with a SIM card from a different carrier: Step 1: Switch off your iPhone using the power button. Connect your iPhone to 3uTools, as shown below . Once your iPhone is unlocked, we will send you a notification email. There are quite a few online tools that allow you to check if your phone is unlocked using the IMEI number; however, the vast majority want you to pay about three dollars to get the info. Contact your carrier to check the status of your unlock request. The phone cannot be active on another Xfinity Mobile customer's account. Best answer: The easiest way to see if your phone is unlocked is to try another SIM card in it. Though inconvenient, it’s the most reliable way to determine the lock status of your phone. info can see if a phone is unlocked, the service costs money. How to check if your device is locked or unlocked. One solution for checking if the iPhone is unlocked without a SIM card that is often mentioned on other sites is to check whether the Carrier Services option is available. For unlocking you will be able to visit our Unlock Portal. Go to Settings. How to check whether your phone is GSM or CDMA using settings: On an iPhone: Go to the Settings app, click on General and then About, and look for an MEID, ESN, or IMEI number near the bottom of the menu. 0. Check if the phone has been reported as lost/stolen anywhere in the world. Unlocked Phones Rule. Switch off the device. While imei. Unfortunately, there is no free online service you can use to check your iPhone's lock or unlock status. com free IMEI check online. Check out the methods below that will allow you to make sure the verified iPhone is unlocked. There are a couple of different ways to check if your phone is unlocked. Is my Android phone unlocked? Navigate your way to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Operators. The phone must be paid in full prior to requesting the device unlock. Now, press Mobile Data Options (or Cellular Data instead). Let's check IMEI and make sure that your phone is unlocked. 2) Say for instance that the phone was originally locked to AT&T and you requested an unlock though AT&T. With a bit of luck, your carrier will unlock your locked device so you can use it anywhere. Look for an option called "Cellular Data Network" or "Mobile Data Network. If your iPhone is locked, you can only use a specific carrier. If you see Cellular Data Options or Cellular Data Networks as a category, then your phone is likely unlocked. How to Check If iPhone Is Unlocked: IMEI Lookup Online. com is the website for you. If the phone is locked, the phone will likely display a prompt asking you to input an unlock code. Way 3: Use IMEI Number to Verify If iPhone is Locked. If you don't see an unlock code prompt, check that it says you have service if you used a valid SIM card. As you know, all phones have Settings app which can be used to check if the phone is unlocked or not. Open dial pad and enter “*#06#” and wait. Make a note of this. When you are on the first page you will be able to choose> non AT&T customers >enter the IMEI and also review the eligibility for prepaid phones. AT&T: 1-800-331-0500. 9% accuracy. If a network, like “Verizon” or “T-Mobile” appears under Network Operators, your phone may be unlocked. Some Android phones must be unlocked using the myCricket app. Step 2: Locate and open your SIM card slot using your SIM eject tool or a small paper clip. Click on Cellular. com is rated 4. You can check your device’s IMEI number by dialing *#06# from the phone app. 1 year ago. Check your unlock status. If we can answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to chat with us here. Check your phone’s settings: iPhone: Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data. Our Post Paid 4G devices are locked before activation. Unlocked Phones. Insert a SIM card in the device. info that claim they can check to see if your phone is unlocked. Meaning you do not need to switch network providers. $0. The iPhone 7 is a 4G LTE device. You can use one of the many sites on the web to check your phone’s IMEI, which is a unique number that identifies your phone. Ask if the phone is SIM-unlocked. If the call connects, it means your iPhone is unlocked, but if you face issues in connecting the call, it means the iPhone is locked. info offers also some advanced services (it is available for some manufacturers) for example: Find My iPhone Status, iCloud Status, Blacklist Status, Seller Information, Network & Simlock checks, Phone Blacklist, Carrier Check, Unlocking Simlock, Warranty Checks. Check out our guide on unlocking your Verizon phone if you need more information. Of course, when the owner finished the contract, the iPhone will be unlocked. Note down the IMEI somewhere. Method 02: Use a SIM card issued by a different carrier to fix on ‘How Do I Know If My Phone Is Unlocked’. If you don't see these options, your phone is most likely locked. You can order these via our website here, over the phone or you can pick them up at your local Target store. The more technology progressed, the more smartphones were sold as already unlocked and non-carrier . First of all, if you want to IMEI unlock your device and consequently be able to use it with other carriers, you will need your IMEI number as well as your device's status which can only be found by an IMEI checker. Method 1: Check if Phone is Unlocked with Phone's Settings; Method 2: Check if Phone is Unlocked Using SIM card; Method 3: Check if Phone is Unlocked with Web Service; Method 1. As a result, the device is unlocked. Step 3. If your phone is unlocked, then you should list as unlocked and note whether it is GSM or CDMA compatible. Try Using a Different Carrier's SIM Card. Check Android Lock Status with SIM Card. The IMEI. First, unlock your iPhone and go to the Settings app. Tap Unlock at the bottom of . Once the phone has been activated on the VZW network, it is unlocked. Try to fix be calling someone on the other network or same. Now you can see the name of the carrier on the top left corner to check if the new carrier SIM works on your iPhone. Being able to check your iPhone's IMEI is very important for a number of reasons. Step 2. In the next window, click on Cellular data options. Or, you can directly use 3uTools to get your iPhone’s IMEI. We check your phone’s details using your IMEI to find out what carrier it is locked to. Getting started is easy. Try making another phone call. . Step 6. Place a SIM from another operator in your phone and see if the phone recognizes the other operator’s network. Fill out our online form by selecting the model/brand of your phone and typing in your IMEI number, followed by your contact details and payment. Sign out of the app if you’re signed in. Some iPhones, such as AT&T phones, will have it displayed once you tap on Cellular Data Options. Universal mobile phone IMEI check service. In some cases, it is possible that an unlocked phone works correctly even though it has been reported. This is common sense since if your phone is locked you’ll only be able to sell/give it to someone who also uses your network… Cheaper Travelling. You are able to check any IMEI - iPhone / Samsung / HTC / LG / Nokia / Lenovo / Huawei etc. You will receive all information including, hardware specification and general opinions about the device. If you do, your phone is probably unlocked. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to check if iPhone is unlocked without SIM card. First, use the IMEI number to check if your AT&T phone is unlocked and compatible with T-Mobile's network. If you are using iOS 7 or higher, just simply connect your iPhone to a Wifi network, it will then be unlocked automatically If you have no data connection, simply load iTunes on your PC or Mac to complete the unlock (Watch the video below) If you own an iPhone or cellular-capable iPad, there’s another way to check the unlock status: Open Settings. There are websites like imei. It's very important to unlock the iPhone. Method 01: Check the settings and see if your phone is unlocked. This will be able to provide the information on your device! Let us know how this goes! Linda, AT&T Community Specialist. A locked phone is much cheaper than an unlocked phone. 4. If not locked, you can choose to use any signal carrier you want. After you submit the request, it might take a few days to complete. Now go to any of the IMEI Checker websites mentioned below. Check the user's manual for your phone if you are not sure how to remove the SIM card. Open Cellular Data. The IMEI code of a telephone is the code that identifies the device unequivocally worldwide and is transmitted by the device to the network when connecting to it. lol this tells me that my (unlocked and flashed for us gsm carrier) Photon 4g is a V9 RAZR2 with no cdma capability. Perform the necessary checks to unlock your phone without a hitch. You can follow the steps outlined in this post determine compatibility. Finally, if you travel then an unlocked phone gives you potentially cheaper prices for mobile use . You'll need the device's IMEI number to get started and it must be eligible to be unlocked. Getting used to an iPhone’s locking mechanism is not that difficult. From 0-100% real quick, then you're done. To test the condition, you can make a call to check if is unlocked. If you are unfamiliar with iPhones, then I have listed the ways for you to check if your iPhone is unlocked. 8 out of 5 based on 348 reviews For any other phone, owners try using a different SIM card to see if the phone is unlocked. Type your Apple device IMEI and Serial Number and see if SimLock Status is Locked or Unlocked. If your phone is locked, you can request that it be unlocked at the AT&T Device Unlock Portal. The trustworthy way to check if Android phone is unlocked or locked is by just switching the SIM card of the phone with the switching of the network. Learning how to check if your phone is unlocked with IMEI is easy. Please keep in mind that no one (even your manufacturer) can unlock your phone except your carrier, and we work directly with your carrier to whitelist your IMEI number from their database. Unlocked phones that work with GSM and CDMA networks should be listed as “GSM & CDMA Unlocked” and classified as compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon! For any other phone, owners try using a different SIM card to see if the phone is unlocked. Extra Tip: How to Unlock iPhone Screen without Passcode. If you see Cellular Data Network, then your phone is probably unlocked. Turn on the phone and wait for it to load; If your SIM card has a PIN code (4 digits), you will need to insert it; Your device is network locked if it displays: Perform the steps mentioned above and check if your phone displays any of the following messages. info and enter your device IMEI number in the dialog box as shown in the screenshot. You can check if a phone is unlocked with or without a SIM card. Way 2: Check From iPhone Settings. I hope this helped clarify things. Power the phone back on. Open Cellular. Put in a new SIM card and power on the iPhone. Look for the Cellular Data Network option. If you are looking for a website that provides information about newest mobile technology, instructions for factory etc. This is the simplest way. Excellent 4. However, even though the phone is unlocked, you almost certainly won’t be able to make or receive calls until the phone has been removed from the blacklist. If you own an iPhone or cellular-capable iPad, there’s another way to check the unlock status: Open Settings. Just keep in mind, this will wipe out any data since your last backup. " on the screen if your phone is unlocked. To check the unlock status follow the steps mentioned below: First of all, open your phone’s settings. Additionally, an unlocked iPhone is heavy on pockets in comparison to a locked iPhone. Apple iPhone SimLock Status Check Free. All you need is the phone's IMEI number to request a check. This service also get info about Apple I The simplest way to definitively tell whether your phone is locked is to call your current carrier and ask. Launch the dialer app on your iPhone. Our IMEI checker has about 99. Once your compatible phone is unlocked, purchase a T-Mobile SIM card and choose a T-Mobile plan. Selling a used phone that is unlocked will up the value of your device, allowing you to make more money on your used phone. This tutorial aims to show you the simplest way to check if your iPhone is locked or unlocked. “SIM Network Unlock PIN” “This device can be remotely unlocked if eligible. I found a couple of free tools, though. Using SIM cards of different carriers, you can confirm the Unlock status of the iPhone. If you don’t have one of these and can’t borrow one from a friend or family member, you can order them from many networks free of charge, or pop into a phone shop and get one. AT&T BYOD is a program that lets you bring your own compatible, unlocked phone to the AT&T network, including iPhones. If you're unsure whether your Verizon phone is unlocked or not, the easiest way to check is to insert a SIM card from another carrier. Here are the customer service phone numbers for all four major carriers: Verizon: 1-800-837-4966. 5. Related: How to Unlock Your Cell Phone. Step 1: Point your browser to IMEI. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. It gives a 3 step easy process that gives you a detailed PDF report about your phone in a few seconds. There are a couple of ways in which you can find out “How to Check If iPhone Is Unlocked”. We apologise. An unlocked phone has greater resale value (or is easier to pass along to a friend or relative). Make a phone call and check if the call connects or not. Contact your carrier and request an unlock. Step 1. We can ensure that the iPhone is locked or not by phone settings, using different sim cards and other useful methods. Check if your phone is already unlocked in seconds. (XR / XS / 11 / 12 - Pro / Max) Due to changes made by Apple, this service is no longer available for free. But, what are the benefits of the so-called unlocked phone? If it’s still unclear, unlocked phones are devices that you can use outside of your current carrier. check if phone is unlocked

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